Saturday, February 15, 2014

The Year of Blogging

In the true spirit of one of my favorite bloggers Jeff Atwood (Coding Horror), I have deemed this the year to blog.
When people ask me for advice on blogging, I always respond with yet another form of the same advice: pick a schedule you can live with, and stick to it. Until you do that, none of the other advice I could give you will matter. I don't care if you suck at writing. I don't care if nobody reads your blog. I don't care if you have nothing interesting to say. If you can demonstrate a willingness to write, and a desire to keep continually improving your writing, you will eventually be successful.
 * Source

This year, I plan on blogging once a week. I am 100% committed to this schedule, so let's see how it goes.

I spent about a week with Github Pages because the developer side of me just wanted to re-invent the wheel once again. About 50% through the process of getting ruby to run jekyll on my laptop, and starting to customize the theme... I was pretty much at my wits end. I even had grandeur dreams of my first blog post being about how to setup the site. You can see about how far I got along with the process on the Github repository.

I chose Google's Blogger for my blog host. It was simple, hooked it up to my custom domain, and was adding things like a boss. Some things are just better left to people who get paid to build and maintain things, Blog Software is probably one of those.

I still have a bit of customization to do to the blog site, such as adding a good code syntax highlighter, as well as a Github linkey thingy. But those are least important to the actual posting I want to do.

So there is week 1, now to continue preparing for the next 51...