Friday, May 9, 2014

xUnit.Net–Good time to check it out.

I have been using MSTest forever for Unit Testing, the last time I used nUnit I created a video tutorial on how to set it up circa 2005, that somehow still gets a ton of views, and my oh my how I have changed since that video.

However, I ran across a recent blog post from Rob Conery that showed a really nice for A Simple Approach to BDD. In the article he talks about how he just used xUnit for his unit testing with good naming to have a BDD like approach for his test results.

I like many of the tools out there, but more and more I hear people ask me if I used "BDD framework X" or "BDD tool Y" for this production. My answer:

No, I used Visual Studio, XUnit, and EntityFramework.

His test results were pretty awesome, and made it easy to identify where any problems might show up.

I have been wanting to get into BDD a bit more, since generally my testing approach has always been more towards behavior based. And I have never really played with xUnit. So with all this in mind, I will be approaching the AsyncElastic project with xUnit, just because it’s so shiny.


Anonymous said...

You may be interested in which gives you the best of both worlds. It's s layer over xunit so no extra tooling required. All tests are still just xunit tests.

Unknown said...

I think once I get the basics of xUnit down, I definitely want to look at some of the add-ons for it.

Thanks for the link!